• A Primer on Esports in India-Analysis of the Governance Model

    A Primer on Esports in India-Analysis of the Governance Model

    By Rishika Mendiratta ( Founder and Managing Editor of KhelAdhikar) This time the topic is the unexplored domain of Esports. Being a demonstration sports in Asian games 2018, and a potential entrant for Olympics in 2024, it is time we understand the legal and policy framework of this burgeoning phenomenon in the world of sports. In this article Rishika Mendiratta has explained the governance model of Esports in the country.


  • India closer to egalitarian play: A look at women in sports

    India closer to egalitarian play: A look at women in sports

    By Wilfred Synrem (Chief Editor at KhelAdhikar) “Don’t let anyone tell you, you are weak because you are a woman. If I being a mother of two, can win a medal, so can you all. Take me as an example and never give up” Mary Kom Female athletes hope to inspire other girls into pursuing sports as a promising career. But, at the same time, does the system in sport encourage such young girls? For that matter, does the society encourage the same? Since time immemorial, women have overcome discrimination in sports, including the gender pay gap, the sexual harassment incidents or the lack of opportunities. But the recent years, have a shown a positive sign of policy changes for women sports in India. Wilfred Synrem analyses the inequality and the gender-bias in Indian and Global Sports and the measures taken to combat the same.



    By Rishika Mendiratta (Founder and Managing Editor at KhelAdhikar) The diversification in the manner and ways of playing sports along with changes in technology have resulted in greater sophistication in the requirement of the sporting infrastructure. The Commonwealth Games, 2010 (CWG, 2010) and Formula One were the two mega-sporting events which India had organised recently aside from cricketing tournaments. In the recent future it will be organizing the Under- 17 FIFA World Cup and is looking for the prospects to successfully bid for hosting Under- 22 FIFA World Cup. The creation of sports infrastructure will also have various complementary benefits for the country such as the development of urban infrastructure along with booming prospects of sports tourism. In this article Rishika analyses the intersection between PPP and sports in India.