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  • Can Sports Moves be Patented under the Indian Patents Act ?

    Can Sports Moves be Patented under the Indian Patents Act ?

    By Abhay Singh (student of OP Jindal Global Law School) and Sakshi Pawar (co-founder and Managing Editor at KhelAdhikar) “Inventions Change the World, Not Patents” ― Kalyan C. Kankanala Our Guest Contributor Abhay Singh and Managing Editor Sakshi Pawar contemplate the possibility of patenting sports moves in India. The granting of a patent to any inventive step is contentious because it drives competitors away and competition is the very essence of any riveting gameplay. However, there are rarely unique sports moves created that change the effectiveness of the play, such that it seems unreasonable to deny incentives to those who do. Battling the contentions for and against patenting of sports moves, this article shines a light on the less emphasized but much needed sports IPR debate in India.


  • The need to ban animal sports: Dog Racing and Cock-Fights (Part III)

    The need to ban animal sports: Dog Racing and Cock-Fights (Part III)

    By Sakshi Pawar (Co-founder and Managing Editor at KhelAdhikar) Animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself. -James Anthony Froude In the previous posts we have addressed the legality of animal sports in India and worldwide with a special focus on bull racing. In this final part of the 3 series article Sakshi Pawar has analyzed the legality and impact of dog racing and cockfighting in India. It is time to act against the cruelty of animal sports with the same passion with which we support sports in general.

  • The Role of Technology in Sport

    The Role of Technology in Sport

    By Vinay Narayan (Associate at Khaitan) Technology has been intrinsic to the development and advancement of Sports, much like it has in other aspects of life. From changing the shape and material used in tennis rackets to make them more effective or developing lighter, more accurate football boots to implementing video referees in various disciplines, technology has changed the dimensions of sport. Sports Engineering is a term that is frequently used to describe the technological advances that have helped facilitate a sport and challenge the limits of human performance. Vinay Narayan’s article discusses technology, which certainly seems to have a cherished place in sports.

  • The Diatribe Against Doping

    The Diatribe Against Doping

    By -Rishika Mendiratta (Founder and Managing Editor at KhelAdhikar) The quote by Mae West, -“The score never interested me, only the game”, aptly summarises the fight against doping in sport. Every revelation about an athlete who had indulged in doping, whether, it was Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong, Tyson Gay or Maria Sharapova, has saddened and angered the fans and competitors alike. If the Garica Report in 2014 revolutionised the world of FIFA governance by exposing corruption, the Richard Mclaren Report in 2016 about Russia’s organised doping scandal has raised some unprecedented questions and has paved way for a greater change to combat this menace. This article by Rishika looks at WADA and the world doping scenario.