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  • A Primer on Esports in India-Analysis of the Governance Model

    A Primer on Esports in India-Analysis of the Governance Model

    By Rishika Mendiratta ( Founder and Managing Editor of KhelAdhikar) This time the topic is the unexplored domain of Esports. Being a demonstration sports in Asian games 2018, and a potential entrant for Olympics in 2024, it is time we understand the legal and policy framework of this burgeoning phenomenon in the world of sports. In this article Rishika Mendiratta has explained the governance model of Esports in the country.


  • Who is the bigger loser?

    Who is the bigger loser?

    By Naman Lohiya (4th year student at Gujarat National Law University) “The entire legal system was built upon the assumption that people would have adequate representation. When they don’t, the system fails, and the laws don’t matter.” – Shari Redstone In this article Naman Lohiya has reopened the discussion on the powers of national federations as well as the importance of sporting dispute settlement mechanisms in India. It will take you down the memory lane to Rio 2016, when Sushil Kumar and Narsingh Yadav were involved in a murky selection controversy. The dramatic saga of Narsingh Yadav’s doping battle that ensued is not unknown to anyone. It has almost been two years since this dispute, but the problems in the administration of doping agencies, national federations and sports dispute settlement mechanisms that surfaced then, still persist.